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Stars, Stripes, and Poetry readings 7/4/2022

It's been a busy spring finishing my self-published edition of the devotional poems I mentioned in my last blog and the continuation of work on my upcoming third book. Hot off the press just last week, is the collection of poems for reflection, bereavement, and spiritual...or 'other worldly' poems taken from my previous two books Rhymes and Reflections (2020) and More Rhymes and Reflections (2021). It gives me inspiration to know that people gain insight or comfort from my writings. Growing up as a boy and working in the auto industry I never dreamed I would someday be writing and promoting my poems and proverbs! This little book will be marketed to funeral homes and support groups. As one who has been experiencing the process of coping with loss, I am astounded at times at the strength of people and how we learn from each other on this path of grief that no one is ever prepared for. Thank you to all who have supported me and who have encouraged me to keep writing.

Poetry Readings and Contest Updates

Fun news! I have won the local poetry contest at the Dayton Miami County Public Library for my poem titled "Walls". Following that I joined other writers and poets for a reading at The Hayner Cultural Center in Troy, Ohio. People of all walks of life shared their musings, making me wonder if there are more hidden poets walking around in our community.

I ended the month with another reading at the West Milton Library in West Milton, Ohio. Here is a short video of me reading "Walls" on June 11th at the lovely setting at Hayner Cultural Center. Thank you for the opportunity to share with others and hear their stories and poems, too.

(Click the picture below to see the video)

As I prepare for another year around the sun this week, I am reminded of what a special holiday weekend it is for everyone. I wish you all fine moments with you friends and family and let us all take a moment and reflect on the blessings we receive living in our great country. Last but not least, some good eating, too... and fireworks. Happy 4th of July!

The winners prize, a journal and a pen!

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