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A Remarkable Cat 8/1/2023



Macaroni is quite a remarkable cat,

Who runs our small household; enough said about that.

He helps when I work on the poems that I write,

By sorting and shredding those that don’t sound right.

And when it comes to rejection he has perfected his skill,

By flopping down on the rejects and laying perfectly still.

So, I seek his approval and he never is wrong,

When he purrs, “It’s wonderful”, that’s my favorite cat song.

I get most of the credit for the things that I do,

But Macaroni, my editor, he deserves his credit too.

So, when it’s quiet and we’re alone just us two,

I tell him, “you’re a good boy”, and he just grins ‘cause without him, what would I do?

-by Gordon Alexander-

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