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Spring is full of anticipation for an expectation! 3/21/22

Springtime is often an exciting and inspiring time of year, and not without surprises this year. From the romance and chocolate of Valentine's Day to close out winter, we drag towards the season of clover (four-leaf clovers) of St. Patrick's Day to herald in the arrival of Spring. Is it any wonder that St. Patrick's Day is seen as a day of liberation for everyone as life opens up again after months of sun deprivation!

I'd like to share an exciting development. My poem, "Mirrors", (from More Rhymes and Reflections), has been included in a sizable collection of poetry published through Poetry Nation. The book, TURNING THE CORNER: ORIGIN features a very diverse group of writers from around the United States. The book is 298 pages and my poem, "Mirrors" is on page 64. I never expected to be recognized! It is an honor for which I am very grateful. As I mentioned on the PRESS page of this website you can purchase this book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

In the meantime, celebrate the arrival of Spring with this poem from my first book Rhymes and Reflections in 2020.


"There is no time of the year when it’s a spring you remember,

Then in the middle of winter which starts in December.

As the days get more dreary

And you start to get weary,

Your head and your heart long for only one thing,

The beginning of Spring.

You start watching the trees

For any little green leaves.

Next you turn to the ground

For any bud to be found.

Then you look to the sky

For the clouds to roll by,

Exposing the warmth of the sun

As a sign to be read that winter is done.

There’s a lot to be said for anticipation,

A by-product of which can lead to frustration.

Mother Nature rules here and here’s rule number one,

Spring will not come until Winter is done."

-Gordon Alexander, Rhymes and Reflections © 2020, Outskirts Press

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