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Happy New Year! 1/1/2022

"My plan for 2022 is to avoid doing anything that I may regret,

But should I fail, my own words may help in retrospect."


How long should it take to get over a good regret,

Like a month, or a year, or a deadline that you set?

Would it be great if any of this were true?

Consider the burden it could lift off of you.

Regret is a weight pressing down on your spine,

That always gets heavier with the passing of time.

Who suffers the pain from that thing you regret?

If you are thinking 'I Do', that's a pretty good bet.

What if there's something you can actually do,

An apology, a restitution, a good deed done by you?

Maybe these ideas sound like pie in the sky,

Put your thinking cap on and find something to try.

If all is for naught try a song from the ICE movie show,

It may not be easy, but just "Let It Go!"

©2022 by Gordon Alexander

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2022

A great view on how to start this new year! Regrets are best left behind.

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