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Friends, Horses, and Bourbon 10/14/2022

I recently got a call from a long-time friend and former Volkswagen colleague, Mitchell. He and his wife, Anne are originally from Lexington, KY and love to show off their hometown. Late September is a lovely time of year to visit Kentucky so the dates were set. Sometimes I just need a break from my routine, so off to Lexington I went with the help of my daughter Karin to drive me part of the way to meet Mitchell.

Gordon and Mitchel at the statue of The Breeders' Cup at Keeneland Racecourse

Since horses and whiskey are synonymous with Kentucky, our visit started at Keeneland, an 86-year old racecourse and the thoroughbred industry's leading auction house. Keeneland Thoroughbred Racecourse is one of the most picturesque places you can imagine. Some say it rivals Churchill Downs in Louisville. We attended the September auction of thoroughbreds which is one of three auctions held annually at Keeneland. It is not unusual for horses to sell for a million dollars at this event. You have to see it to believe it! Needless to say, I did not buy a horse, but we did enjoy witnessing the entire process and seeing beautiful horses on display in the auction. I am reminded of the words of Winston Churchill and find them to be true.

" There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

Another real treat on my visit was the distillery at the Lexington Brewing and Distillery Company. We went on a tour and tasted the Towne Branch Bourbon at the distillery. What a treat! I learned that all bourbon is whiskey, but all whiskey is not bourbon. This is based on the strict percentage of ingredients such as corn to qualify as bourbon. In addition, I learned that the barrels for aging whiskey can only be used once for that purpose. This led to the innovation of aging beer or wine in used barrels for an infusion of whiskey to enhance its taste. The tour of this beautiful and spotless facility was even more than imagined. The final treat, of course, was the generous tasting of real Kentucky Bourbon that will long be remembered by me. Add this to the countless manicured horse farms we drove by to understand what Kentucky blue grass is all about. Kentuckians love their state and are justifiably proud of it.

Gordon and Mitchell at the distillery.

Anyway, I am back home again refreshed and inspired from seeing an old friend and beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. It 's time for the fall harvest in Ohio and the nostalgia of autumn leaves and the coming holidays of the Samhain Celtic New Year known as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the approaching Christmas season and the future lighting of the candles for year 2023.

Here I am getting my pumpkins for Fall 2022 decorations.

Love those Jack O'Lanterns shining bright.

Happy Octoberfest!

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