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"Devotional Rhymes and Reflections" coming soon! 4/17/2022

Updated: May 2, 2022

I was requested by the leader of the local bereavement group that I attend to put together a collection of my poems that have the theme of spirituality or similar thoughts about grief, afterlife, and the Presence of God. I've selected them from my first two books Rhymes and Reflections (2020) and More Rhymes and Reflections (2021). Since it is Easter, it seems like a great day to share my poem "Afterlife".

A note about this statue, my wife and I always enjoyed gardening and loved putting this in our yard many years ago with new flowers in a large plot surrounded by periwinkle ground cover. The purple flowers and playful vines always brought a smile to our faces. I hope the flowers in your garden do as well.


So much has been said of the time just before and after you're dead,

Eyewitness accounts, books have been written, maybe one that you read.

Could some of these stories turn out to be true?

Would that have affected the things you might do?

Like the choices we make while we're still alive,

That could alter the future to one we'd abide.

It seems to make sense when our life comes to an end.

That is a new life, as promised is about to begin.

Should all the stories turn out to be right,

Everyone sees the brightest of light.

And what they feel is an absence of fear,

From a Presence unseen, but felt to be near.

With all that is known and what we believe,

There's an Afterlife waiting when this life we leave.

by Gordon Alexander

© More Rhymes and Reflections, 2021 Outskirts Press

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